Supporting our clients. At the right moment, using innovative machines and by delivering the best possible solution to every challenge. Professional, efficient and affordable. That is our mission and our passion. You can always rely on us.


Do you have an urgent job that needs doing today? Call us and we can arrange it. Are you looking for ways to increase your efficiency? We are happy to generate a long-term plan together with your input. We have many years of experience in the agricultural sector and closely follow all the developments. Our highly motivated and professional team is more than happy to take all the work out of your hands. And share our wide experience to your benefit. A relationship built on trust, striving together for a win-win result.

“We combine our dual passion for technology and the agricultural sector. In the best interests of our clients”


MaVerko. An illustrious name inspired by the name of our founder Marc Verkooijen. A young, enthusiastic entrepreneur who combines his dual passions of technology and the agricultural sector in MaVerko. After many years of gaining experience working for contractors and mechanisation companies, he started MaVerko in April 2012. As well as providing optimal service to his clients, Marc is dedicated to continual technical innovation. One example is our proprietary method of precision harvesting and trimming parsley using GPS control over a width of 6.5 metres. And our own mobile manure separator: the enormous, unique capacity of this machine results in an extremely attractive price per cubic metre.